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South Central PA’s Oldest Dojo of Classical Budo

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Martial Arts of Japan

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Why Study Budo?

Derived from the classical martial arts of Japan, modern budo offers a rapid path to personal growth and improvement. Although the fighting techniques of budo are identical to those of bujutsu (martial science), the goal of training is quite different. While the student of bujutsu trains for protection, and is satisfied when a technique becomes usable, the student of budo trains for perfection in the flawless execution of technique. Budo begins where bujutsu ends.
But why budo? There are many other paths leading to enlightenment that are far less strenuous or dangerous. Actually, controlled danger is a key factor in the effectiveness of budo as a vehicle for improvement. Due to the possibility of injury during training, the student must focus intently on what is being done. The resulting intense levels of concentration and psychological tension lead to predictable advancement in the spiritual aspects of budo.
When we use the term “spiritual,” we’re talking about focused will and intent, or mindset. The mindset developed by training in classical martial arts is far more important than even the physical techniques and strategies we practice. While few of us will ever actually face the threat of sudden violence, a stronger and more focused mindset will absolutely improve normal, everyday life. From dealing with routine stress to making optimal business decisions, classical martial arts training provides a proven foundation on which to build a successful life — a life of accomplishment, fitness, security, and balance.
The average beginner can expect to see major changes in both mind and body within the first few months of training.
This path is not for everyone. Budo demands hard work and dedication, and can become a lifelong pursuit. Practitioners of any true budo will still consider themselves students even after 50 years of training — and they will have stayed with training that long because, in addition to all its other benefits, training in classical martial arts is an incredible amount of fun.

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