Aikijutsu and Kenjutsu Since 1992 

South Central PA’s Oldest Dojo of Classical Budo

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Martial Arts of Japan

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Why Study Classical Budo?

Budo, or Martial Ways, are warrior arts continuing traditions dating prior to the dissolution of the samurai and the inauguration of the modern era in Japan. These old-style arts are definitely not kid’s stuff.

Everyone knows that martial arts are excellent paths to improved fitness and self-defense skills, but did you know that classical Japanese military strategy has applications to both business and everyday life? Long ago, the Japanese discovered systematic methods of achieving success, methods that have been preserved and are accessible to us today. Forbes, Time, and Inc. Magazine, for example, have all described The Book of Five Rings, a manual of classical strategy composed by a master swordsman, as one of the most useful books ever written for business strategists.
The best way to learn the lessons of classical strategy, however, is by practicing physical techniques that manifest the particular lesson to be learned. Just discussing theory makes one a theorist, and no more. But practicing a technique that embodies a strategy encodes the lesson in the more primitive areas of the human brain — the idea is to make the ability to reach optimal business or life decisions a reflex, like instantly pulling away your hand when you accidentally touch a hot stove.

Most importantly, the study of classical martial arts is an incredible amount of fun. Very few activities are as fascinating, challenging, and fulfilling; an inexhaustible source of insight and personal development. The ultimate benefit is becoming a much more capable person.

The classical martial arts are not widespread, and in most cases must be sought out, but anyone willing to extend himself or herself is likely to find the training he or she seeks. Members of Itten Dojo enhance their lives through training in the arts of aikijutsu (unarmed self-defense) and/or kenjutsu (swordsmanship), and we invite you to join us in this journey.

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