As a Member of Itten Dojo

If you’re like most members of Itten Dojo, you’re already a successful adult or teen. In fact, you’ve most likely achieved success in multiple areas of life. And now you’re wondering, what’s next? What can you do to take things—and yourself—to the next level? Consider budo.

Become a more capable you

Budo, the classical, Japanese Martial Ways are not sports. Nor are the arts about self-aggrandizement or being better than someone else. The arts are about becoming more than you were the day before. Becoming more in ways that have the potential to affect, in a very positive manner, virtually every aspect of your life. The practical, effective self-defense skills you will gain are almost a side-benefit.

Move through life with greater power, confidence, and grace

As a member of Itten Dojo, you will build strong relationships in a community of achievement, forge an even more disciplined and positive mindset, and enhance your physical health and capabilities through safe and systematic training in time-honored, Japanese martial arts such as jujutsu, iaido, kenjutsu, or the cultural art of shodo (calligraphy). You will be part of a diverse group of men and women, adults and teens, dedicated to helping each other become more.

Although walk-ins are always welcome, if you’re interested in membership, we encourage you to make an appointment to observe training. We want you to be certain that what we’re doing is what you’re looking for. Please plan to arrive at the dojo no later than 15 minutes prior to the start of practice, in order to allow time for introductions and a quick explanation of what you will be watching. At the conclusion of practice, there is adequate time to discuss the class more completely, and to answer any and all questions you might have.

Although many members of the dojo eventually train in more than one art—there is no additional cost in dues to add an art—new members are required to focus on just one martial art until a sufficient foundation in the initial art has been established. Training in shodo can be added at any time.

Call or email today for an appointment and come see for yourself — visitors are always welcome!