Confidence, poise, and perfect form by a member of the aikijutsu class.
A moment of zanshin, “remaining spirit,” having thrown her partner.
A woman ready to advance and strike, during kenjutsu practice.
Kaiten-nage, a “wheel throw,” demonstrated by a female instructor at Itten Dojo.
Women train in all three different arts at Itten Dojo, including kenjutsu.
Young women train at Itten Dojo as well, gaining life-enhancing skills.
Learning to cut with intent helps women develop greater confidence and focus.
Aikijutsu is a tremendous amount of fun, for anyone!
Members of Itten Dojo have had many opportunities to train with highly-ranked, female instructors.
Aikijutsu is a matter of skill rather than strength, and is a great art for women.

Martial Arts for Women in Mechanicsburg

Jennifer Ziegler, black-belt and assistant instructor.

Women have always been an important part of Itten Dojo; students and the prominent instructors with whom we’ve trained. Highly-ranked instructors like Ruriko Masutani (aikido), Diane Skoss (jodo), Pam Parker (iaido), Nobuko Relnick (jodo), and Mitsuko Hashimoto Uhler (aikijujutsu and kenjutsu).

Jennifer Bennett is a long-time member and second-degree, black-belt assistant instructor at Itten Dojo. Following is what she has to say.

• • • • •

The first thing anyone who has clicked this tab should know is that martial arts are for women!

The second thing you should know is that Itten Dojo provides a clean, safe, supportive environment for women to train and grow.

By visiting our website and selecting this tab, you have taken the first step toward a stronger and more focused mind, body, and spirit. Starting anything new can be a bit intimidating, but the instructors at Itten Dojo will help guide you on your way safely and effectively, all while keeping your current abilities in mind. No one can start anything new in the middle, so you will start your journey at the beginning—just like those who came before you and just like those who will follow you.

At Itten Dojo you can expect highly-skilled and enthusiastic instructors, dedicated training partners, and a challenging curriculum. You can expect an environment that encourages and nurtures growth and success. You can expect to be treated with respect. You can expect some level of frustration as you learn new things, but if you are not having fun, you are doing it wrong. You can expect to reap the benefits of martial arts: fitness, confidence, focus, agility, balance, flexibility, and personal growth. You can expect these benefits to enhance other areas of your life.

What you will not see: drill-sergeant-like instruction, posturing, rivalry, superiority, seniors unwilling to work with juniors, dirty rooms, or bad attitudes.

There likely is a lot going on in your life—you may have kids, work full- or part-time, go to school, maintain a home—and handle all or most of the responsibilities that go along with it, provide transportation for your kids, spouse, family, or friends, coordinate multiple schedules, take care of extended family members, or volunteer in your community. It may seem impossible to add one more thing to your list. Be assured, though, that not a minute spent training is wasted time! 

You’ve taken the first step, now it’s time to take the second. Schedule a date to come watch a class and ask questions. If you don’t like what you see—that’s okay!—we know this path may not be for everyone. If you do like what you see, we would be happy to have you join us!

Call or email today for an appointment and come see for yourself — visitors are always welcome!