The traditional spirit at Itten Dojo

Many of the Japanese martial arts you encounter in this country have been commercialized to the point where their deeper values and benefits are lost in the shuffle of capturing and retaining more and more students. Facilities dedicated to the serious study of the Japanese martial arts are rare indeed! Itten Dojo is one of these few. The spirit of the dojo shines through, in its correct appointments—spare, clean, elegant—and safe, ordered training space. This is an environment suitable for the “spiritual forging” that the best practice of the Japanese martial arts entails.

Diane S.

Definitely a special place

Structure and gravity and momentum and physics and sweat and, “Oh my gosh, that makes sense,” and “Nope, guess not,” and then something works just a tiny little bit differently and I don’t know if I did it or if it did me and I’m hooked again. I couldn’t be more impressed with the instruction and everyone I’ve met at the dojo. I feel like I really walked into something special here.

Michael T.

Something different from typical martial arts

I’ve trained in other martial arts over 20 years and, for me, this dojo, its people, and the arts practiced in it are simply exceptional. If you’d like to see something different from the typical martial arts businesses, something that is truly beautiful and useful, something that will engage your mind and body from day one, something that challenges ALL of its practitioners—from day one to decades of practice, this is it. This. Is. It.

Dr. Sarah St. A.


Training at Itten Dojo may be the life-changing experience you thought only other people got.

Peter B.

A place to become more

As a student at Itten Dojo since 2008, I can tell you it will be very difficult to find its equal anywhere in the area...If you are seeking a place that will help you become more, look no further than Itten Dojo.

Jennifer Z.

Great facility and instruction

Being a member of Itten Dojo has allowed me to see first-hand how immersing yourself in these classical martial arts can have a positive impact in all areas of your life.

Alan S.

Profound impact

Itten Dojo had a profound impact on me, and I highly recommend at the very least checking it out. I think you’ll find yourself returning, not just for the martial arts but the lessons applicable in daily life.

Sarah M.

Hooked from the start

I was hooked from the very start. The training is challenging, the expectations are high, and the standards are exacting. And, the instruction is exceptional, encouragement is ever-present, and the camaraderie is rewarding.

Dr. Shalom S.

Decades, not months or years

Maybe you should find out why senior members measure their training here in decades, rather than mere months or years.

William M.

Itten Dojo a godsend

Decided to try something more traditional since I’ve only studied combat sport schools for roughly 12 years. After having numerous injuries and not being able to compete in competitions any longer, Itten Dojo is a godsend. While sitting in to watch a class to see if it was for me, I noticed the instructor and student movements were very refined. The instructor not only explained the technique, also explained the purpose behind it. A wonderful first experience and have been enjoying the art form since.

John M.